Keynote: Air Pollution and Human Health—Science, Public Policy, and Controversy

The Stegner Center’s twentieth annual symposium focuses on Air Quality: Health, Energy, and Economics. Across the nation, great strides have been made addressing air pollution over the last several decades, especially following adoption of the federal Clean Air Act in 1970. Nevertheless, in the West and elsewhere, air quality remains a vexing environmental, economic, and public health dilemma. Families in polluted areas face asthma and other health risks, businesses choose not to locate because of air quality concerns, and the overall quality of life is diminished. This Symposium will examine the multifaceted problem of air pollution, with panels and speakers addressing its causes, health and environmental impacts, tensions with energy needs and economic development, its relationship with social structures and ethics, and possible legal and regulatory solutions. The Symposium, as usual, is interdisciplinary, with speakers from the sciences and social sciences, academia, government, industry, and the legal profession.

C. Arden Pope, Brigham Young University

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